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Welcome to Autism, Asperger's and more, oh my!

Following an abrupt introduction into the world of Special Needs children after the birth of my very premature (14 weeks to be precise) son I embarked on a journey. If you are reading these words I suspect you or someone you know is traveling a similar path. My intention in these pages is to share information about the therapies and treatments that are within the scope of my experience as a parent. 

I have two boys with Special Needs. My elder son has a diagnosis of Asperger's. He is a very articulate young man and as is so often true of people with such a diagnosis, his impairment is invisible. This does not make his journey any easier. If anything, life is more difficult because there are so many people that cannot or will not accept him for the person that he is. . 

My younger son has a diagnosis of Autism. He also experiences life with mobility issues stemming from Cerebral Palsy and to add another challenge for all of us to tackle, he is deaf. For him, having a visible disability is hard because when people look at him, they perceive a child of a much younger age and tend to treat him that way.

The learning curve has been incredibly steep over the past few years. I invite you to read the articles, and browse through the Amazon Shop for resources and tools to aid in your journey. My desire is to share information that I have gathered over the years. There is a lot of information available but the articles that I have included are the ones that I found most helpful in the search to find therapies and treatments for my sons. Between the two boys we had about 3 years of assessments and "wait and see" scenarios. Many prayers were sent out seeking guidance and understanding. Thankfully, they have been and continue to be answered in some very interesting ways.

There certainly is never a dull moment in our home as we face head on the challenges presented every day.

Blessings to you all,